Ages 18 months to 3 years

Angels  |  Age 18 month - 3 years


Children ages 18 months - 3 years, may begin their Montessori experience in our Angels room. Maximum enrollment is 10 children.

Within this small and nurturing environment, the lead and assistant teacher support the toddlers in their innate sense of independence, order, and love of learning.

THE Children’s House | Age 3-6


The Primary Community nurtures the children’s natural motivation by complimenting their enthusiasm for learning with opportunities to fulfill their needs and interests. Each classroom’s prepared environment invokes the children to come and touch; the materials are beautifully and orderly arranged, and ARE the work through which the child learns.

Each new work is presented to the child and offers a new challenge for the child to master. Every work is built upon the other, leading the child toward independence and confidence. The work cycle each morning allows the child an uninterrupted period for self-directed concentration. A child may request a new lesson, or return to practice lessons already presented. Over time the child will progress toward a well-balanced use of self-directed time, a state Maria Montessori referred to as ‘normalization’.

The Montessori classroom provides four main areas; Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, and Mathematics. Additionally, included in each classroom are Geography, Art, Music, and Science.


Practical Life are activities that a child encounters in daily living, such as pouring, sorting, matching, sweeping, and polishing. These excercises build self-esteem, fine motor, focus, and concentration.


Children are immersed in Language throughout the day. They participate in conversations, songs, poems, stories, and discussions. The children learn phonetic skills necessary for composition and reading.


Each Sensorial material isolates one quality such as size, volume, width, length, touch, temperature, weight, color, shape, and sound. Repetition is encouraged to allow the child to achieve mastery.


Basic Mathematical foundations of order, sequence, patterns, relationships, quantity, and dimensions, are developed in Practical & Sensorial areas. Now the child is ready to go on and add numerical value to the concepts already absorbed.

Our Lady’s Montessori School strives to provide an environment rich with sciences, geography, art media, and music appreciation,

through animal life, plant life, cultural studies, and weekly music workshops.


OLMS utilizes Conscious Discipline for classroom management.